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Russian classical music

At the moment, Russian classical music is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the whole world. Brilliant Russian composers presented our worl... More

Best Classical Music

The world of art is filled with a huge amount of classical masterpieces. At this point in time it is difficult to imagine how many amazing works have ... More

Contemporary Classical Music

Many people  believe that classical music completely denies modern compositions and the classics were written in the past. But of course they are seri... More

Petersburg for two

St. Petersburg is endlessly romantic city. The atmosphere of the northern city is filled with notes of loftiness and dreaminess. Petersburg is perfect... More

The brightest and most famous works of classical music

Many people think that the time of classical music has passed, and the new era of electronic and popular music has come. But this is the greatest misc... More

What nation composed more classical music than others

At this point in time, almost every country in the world has its own classical school. A unique culture is formed in each state, which has its own cha... More

Traditions of receptions of palace Petersburg

In the time of the Russian Empire, created by Peter the Great in the 17th century, St. Petersburg was the capital. The city in the North was founded b... More

Salon in the modern Petersburg

Salon culture is an important part of the culture of Russia, it is a real phenomenon that is not similar to any culture of other countries, since it c... More

Where and how did the first orchestra appear

The orchestra is understood as a collective of musicians playing musical instruments. The homeland of the orchestra is Ancient Egypt, it was then the ... More

Who invented the violin

Throughout the world, the violin is recognized as the queen of existing musical instruments. As a rule, large orchestras consist of 100 or more musici... More

Traditions of classical music

Nowadays by classical compositions  we mean music that meets certain characteristics and the highest artistic requirements. Although in fact «classica... More

The history of classical music

Classical music is a special direction, created in the best traditions of rhythm and harmony of European composers. This direction of music is created... More

Interesting museums of St. Petersburg, where classical music exists

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. There are many places where you can listen to classical music in excellent performance. The Mariins... More

Classical music in 21th century

Many people believe there is almost no classical music left in the 21st century, like it does not gain such great popularity as in thу past. The very ... More

Russian horn orchestra

HISTORY Horn music goes bock to the emperorship of Elizabeth empress. When in 1751 the director of imperial theaters, established in о rank of marshal... More

Rarely performed works for symphony orchestras

Chamber music enjoyed special popularity up to the 19th century. Many great composers wrote music for the chamber orchestra. Today, some orchestras in... More

Еxperiments performed by chamber orchestras

Chamber music until the XIX century was the only type of secular music  was and opposed to church culture. The composers wrote works that could be per... More

Who has written music for chamber orchestras

Chamber music is a music that is performed by a small musical group. From the XVI to the XVII century, this music was almost the only type of secular ... More

From the history of the most famous chamber orchestras

Chamber orchestra is a small collective that performs chamber music. Until the 19th century, chamber orchestras were the only kind of orchestra in whi... More

What distinguishes a symphony concert from a chamber one

The orchestra is a group of musicians who play on different instruments. There is a large number of varieties of the orchestra. Today, chamber and sym... More

Conducting a symphony orchestras

A conductor is a person who controls the whole sound of the orchestra. It is his view of music and his interpretation of each composition that makes m... More

From the history of chamber and symphony orchestras

It’s hard to imagine, that symphony orchestras didn’t exist not long time ago. Today everyone can enjoy listening to music performed by the symp... More

Comparison of chamber and symphony orchestras

There are several types of orchestras: symphonic, chamber, variety, military and orchestra of folk instruments. Chamber Orchestra is a fairly popular ... More

On the composition of the performers of chamber orchestras

The musical performance by symphony orchestra is magic that helps you to recognize a familiar work from an entirely new perspective. The perception of... More

Concerts for tourists in St. Petersburg

According to some reports, about 6 million people anually visit St. Petersburg. Tourists are attracted by the extraordinary architecture of the city, ... More

Secular event for two

Music is a significant part of our life, it accompanies us everywhere we go. An excellent way of organizing an event for two is to attend a symphony o... More

Places to visit in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, which is worth a visit to every person. The city has a large number of museums, theaters, exhibition... More

chamber instrument
What is chamber music?

Chamber instrumental music includes duets, trio, quartet, quintets, sextet, septets, octets, nonets and detsimety with quite diverse instrumental comp... More

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