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Classical music in 21th century


Many people believe there is almost no classical music left in the 21st century, like it does not gain such great popularity as in thу past. The very concept of classical music implies a period of classicism, which lasted from 1750 to 1830s. So, this is a very limited period. It became a habit to equate a strict and laconic music to the classics, which differs significantly from the widespread hip-hop or pop direction.

Another question is whether modern composers can be called authors of classical music. Classical music is all about compositions that have passed the test of time. However, in our time a huge number of composers live and create amazing compositions , working on the creation of modern classical music of the twenty-first century.

Modern composers of classical music

Basically, their names are known and are popular only in narrow circles, certain groups of people. They are often busy writing soundtracks for movies, tv-series, cartoons and so on.

Another category is busy with the creation of academic music. This is most often teachers of higher educational institutions, which have orchestras available for the presentation of written works.

Most of the composers came out of the last century, this is a layer of talented musicians with their own style and distinctive features that were formed throughout the last century for the 21st century, the following trend is typical. Therefore, modern trends in classical music of our time are formed under the influence of the masters of the last century.

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