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Comparison of chamber and symphony orchestras


There are several types of orchestras: symphonic, chamber, variety, military and orchestra of folk instruments. Chamber Orchestra is a fairly popular form, which allows you to perform a variety of different compositions. Such an orchestra is regarded as the progenitor of a symphony orchestra. With our company you can visit symphony orchestras performance in the most beautiful and monumental buildings of Saint Petersburg.

Main differences

There are few aspects that help you to distinguish a symphony orchestra from a chamber one:

-Number. The symphony orchestra provides more than 100 musicians for the performance. The chamber orchestra usually doesn’t include more than 20-25 people, the number of which can vary.

-The conductor. A symphony orchestra can not exist without a conductor, since the whole performance depends on him.

-The consistency. The chamber orchestra consists only of percussion and string instruments, while the symphony orchestra counts  all other  groups.

Such features allow the orchestras to perform different music. Our company specializes in organizing chamber concerts of classical music in St. Petersburg. Performances of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg will give an unforgettable impression of listening to popular and less-known works of famous composers. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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