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Concerts for tourists in St. Petersburg


According to some reports, about 6 million people anually visit St. Petersburg. Tourists are attracted by the extraordinary architecture of the city, which is beautiful at any time of the year. Our company offers to organize a concert of classical music with the participation of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg. Such an event, held in one of the famous palaces, will help people feeling the true atmosphere of the cultural capital of Russia.

How to organize interesting concert for tourists

Petersburg is a city where the most famous Russian composers lived and worked. Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky and Glinka – the founders of Russian musical art created their famous works in St. Petersburg. Being in the walls of one of the most beautiful places of the city tourists can enjoy the compositions of russian famous composers. Our company offers to use a unique service – attending an orchestra concert on very favorable terms. Listening to a symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg is a great opportunity to get familiar with the city and it’s unique culture. According to your needs, we can create an individual program for you. This approach makes it possible to make any event truly memorable. Favorite compositions, sounding in the luxurious halls of palaces, will help to create a unique atmosphere. Such a trip to St. Petersburg will stay exactly in memory for a long time.

Our company specializes in organizing chamber concerts of classical music in St. Petersburg. Performances of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg will give an unforgettable impression of listening to popular and less-known works of famous composers. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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