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Conducting a symphony orchestras


A conductor is a person who controls the whole sound of the orchestra. It is his view of music and his interpretation of each composition that makes music interesting and understandable for listeners. Chamber and symphony orchestras in St. Petersburg have many differences, which also affect the conducting process.

Differences between conducting a chamber orchestra from a symphony orchestra

In general, a simple listener won’t  notice a big difference. It consists of methods that only a professional musician knows. At the same time, the number of the orchestra should be taken into account. For example, you can achieve desired result faster with an orchestra that counts 20 performers than with a group of musicians consisting of 100 and more perfomers. That is why all orchestras are further divided into groups of instruments, in order to improve certain intonations of the compositions.

The process of conducting directly depends on a composition. Therefore, in certain cases, the chamber orchestra is easier to conduct since you can afford some improvisation. Being a conductor of a symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg is an opportunity to get powerful and dynamic sound that is often inaccessible to a chamber orchestra. Of course, one must remember that the process of conducting depends very much on the professionalism of person, his or her skills, and the vision of the composition.

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