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Contemporary Classical Music


Many people  believe that classical music completely denies modern compositions and the classics were written in the past. But of course they are seriously mistaken. Classical art continues to develop actively, new names appear, and almost all enlightened people in the world are familiar with them. So let’s also get a little acquainted with modern composers of classical music and with their compositions.

Famous classical composers

 Great names in the history of music are attributed to such creators:

  1. Hans Zimmer belongs to the most famous contemporary composer. He became famous for writing soundtracks for such films as “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows”, “The Man of the Rain” and “The Lion King.”
  2. Philip Glass is popular classical composer. His main musical direction is minimalism. This composer also composes music for movies quite often.
  3. Rodion Shchedrin – this Russian composer does not cease to amaze the world with new creations. The last opera “Christmas Fairy Tale” was staged on the largest music scenes in the world.
  4. Mark Pekarsky is a representative of a humorous beginning in contemporary classical music.
  5. Howard James Newton is a composer who primarily composes for the cinema industry. His works were heard by almost everyone in such movies like: “Pretty Woman”, “Devil’s Advocate”, “Water for Elephants” and “Hunger Games.”

Modern classical music is rapidly evolving, in many ways it has become an assistant and best friend of cinematography. Many names have already become classics and firmly imprinted in the history of music, and some still have to go through a thorny path to world fame.

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