The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum in St. Petersburg and genius works

Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum

The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum in St. Petersburg and genius works!

Music and poetry are inseparable and eternal – these are two powerful wings of the Russian soul…

The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum affably opened its doors for the Russian Music Seasons. The brilliant works of our compatriots sound in a new way and gain unique national features in the Palace.

This is a legendary mansion, where unsurpassed poet, mentor of young Alexander Pushkin – G.Derzhavin lived and worked. It was the literary center of the northern capital even during the life of the great master. All the most talented and famous poets and historians, musicians and artists previously gathered in the current Derzhavin estate museum. They were “bohemia” of that time. After the official receptions and meetings, guests were invited to watch plays and performances in a home theater. There was only one possible way to get there: through the exquisite hall with the eloquent name “Conversation”.

Unfortunately, after the death of the great poet, the house was sold. It led to the inevitable changes and restructuring of the building. In the Soviet period, the Estate Museum of Derzhavin in St. Petersburg was given under the settlement. As a result, its luxury and grandeur disappeared.
However, nowadays the Russian government takes care of the full restoration of this historic building, which the Russian Music Seasons offer you to visit.

The grandiose reconstruction of the building was carried out with an accurate restoration of all rooms and the re-establishment of the original interiors. In February 1988, the building was declared a historical and cultural monument as part of the National Pushkin Museum.

Welcome & see you at the concert!

How to get to the Mansion?
Address: St. Petersburg, Fontanka river, house 118.
By public transport: Metro station Tehnologicheskiy Institute, exit to Moscovsky prospect and follow the way in the direction of Fontanka river embankment. When you reach Fontanka river turn left and walk about 500 m, on your lefthand side you will find The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum. Welcome!

Air conditioning in the room?
Along the concert hall there are ventilation systems.


Parking for the bus?
On request.

how can I get to?

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