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Еxperiments performed by chamber orchestras


Chamber music until the XIX century was the only type of secular music  was and opposed to church culture. The composers wrote works that could be performed by small groups of musicians. In general, the compositions written at that time are devoid of serious experiments. Today, symphony orchestras in St. Petersburg can make up an individual program that will depend on the type of activities and wishes of the customer. Our company is engaged in organizing performances of professional musicians in the walls of the majestic palaces of Petersburg.

Experiments in chamber music

At all times, composers liked to experiment with chamber music. The history of music still remembers the names of innovators, which influenced the evolution of chamber music:

-Corelli for the first time created a special genre of the “Big Concert”. He himself was actively writing in this style.

-In the work of romantics, chamber music was mainly composed for piano and orchestra. The main experiment in music was that the composers were not afraid to show their own souls, they used unusual harmonies.

-A special milestone is the work of Impressionists Debussy and Ravel.

-Twentieth-century music was all about creative experiments of Igor Stravinsky, Schnittke, Mahler and Penederetsky, Gubaidullina, Honegger.

Our company offers to attend the performance of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg in the palaces and other monumental buildings of the city. We work exclusively with professional musicians who know exactly all the subtleties and nuances of performing chamber music. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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