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From the history of chamber and symphony orchestras


It’s hard to imagine, that symphony orchestras didn’t exist not long time ago. Today everyone can enjoy listening to music performed by the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg.

It is believed that the orchestra was created in the era of the reign of Louis XIV, which played a huge role for the development of not only musical but also dance art. The famous orchestra “King’s twenty-four violins” played dance suits for french emperor and that was the beginning of the history of a symphony orchestra.

In the future, the orchestra was improved more and more, and the number of orchestraists increased. Current consistency was formed in the era of classicism and was presented by Franz Joseph Haydn. A lot of time has passed since then but it is believed that this set of instruments was optimal for performing music pieces of that century.

In the future, some changes still occurred. A few instruments were added to reflect a wider spectrum of shades in music. Wilhelm Richard Wagner added  brass instrument (now it is called The Wagner tuba)  in order to give colorful images to the characters of his own opera. Many experts in musicology note that thanks to him, composers have more opportunities to actualize their own ideas now.

At the moment, St. Petersburg’s symphony orchestras are considered to be among the best. It is noteworthy that the modern orchestra can also be supplemented with standard instruments, including a harp, a piano or various old instruments, besides the standard consistency.

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