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From the history of the most famous chamber orchestras


Chamber orchestra is a small collective that performs chamber music. Until the 19th century, chamber orchestras were the only kind of orchestra in which some instruments could be added. In our company you can visit symphony orchestras performance in St. Petersburg on very attractive terms. Make your event truly bright and amazing with professional musicians.

Famous chamber orchestras

After the creation of symphonic music, the chamber music became less popular. But, in the twentieth century, with the appearance of the works of Schnittke, Hovaness and Schoenberg, the chamber orchestras became quite in demand again.

By this time the most famous chamber orchestras are:

-St. Martin’s Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. English chamber orchestra, which played a major role in the revival of Baroque music in English culture. The repertoire of this orchestra includes a lot of old and modern compositions. In addition to live performances, the St. Martin Academy in the Fields actively participated in the recording of soundtracks for such movies as: “Titanic”, “Amadeus” and “The English patient”.

-State chamber orchestra “The Virtuosos of Moscow”. Its head is Vladimir Spivakov. This orchestra received international recognition at numerous chamber music festivals. Every year Vladimir Spivakov and his team take part in famous music festivals.

-English chamber orchestra. Actively performs not only baroque, but also modern music. It is one of the most popular British orchestra.

The performance of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg is a magic that is possible only in this city. The atmosphere of St. Petersburg has to creativity and creation, especially in the walls of monumental palaces. Make any event fabulous – contact our company. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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