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Vladimir Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Unique Grand Duke Vladimir Palace is known to be a part of cultural heritage of Russia. Grand Duke Vladimir Palace in St. Petersburg retains a rich history connected with many famous names of Russian government officials. The first person is Grand Duke of Russia – Vladimir Alexandrovich. The building of the Palace is designed in the original and fashionable at that time style – eclectic. The building construction was completed in 1873, but the Palace was consecrated only one year later. Prince Vladimir married the Princess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on the sixth day after the consecration of the building.

Palace amazed at its grandeur and a huge number of rooms (over 350), which were designed in a variety of styles. One of the largest rooms was a crimson drawing room, which was similar and at the same time contrasted to a living room, designed in the style of the time of Louis XVI. The small dining room attracts the eyes of visitors with its strict design in the Gothic style. All technical innovations of that time were taken into account during the construction of the Palace. There was electricity, heating system, the elevator and even the phone in the building.
We can see the combination of such styles as Gothic, Rococo and Renaissance, Byzantine, Russian and other in the interior of the Palace. “Small Imperial Palace” – this architectural masterpiece is called so for its beauty and monumentality.

After the October revolution, the medical and military institutions were moved to the Palace and left there until 1920. Then commission, which was responsible for improving the living conditions of scientists of Petrograd, moved to this building. It is the story of the emergence of the name “House of Scientists”. It currently hosts a variety of seminars and scientific sections.

Social life was extremely different during the time of the Prince’s reign; there were a lot of events: magnificent receptions, dance balls, etc.

Moreover, today in the “House of Scientists” in St. Petersburg classical music of famous composers sounds and shows all visitors a wonderful atmosphere of the glamor and aristocracy of the past. Enjoy masterpieces of music with Russian Music Seasons.
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How to get to the Palace?
Address: St. Petersburg, Palace Embankment, house 26.
By public transport: Metro station Admiralteiskaya. Please foolow the exit to the Nevsky Prospekt, and follow the direction to Palace Square and Hermitage. After about 700 meters on the right side you will see the arch to The Palace Square, please go through the arch of the Main Staff to the Palace Square. Walk around the building of the Hermitage on the left side and walk straight, the palace will be on your right side. Welcome!

Air conditioning in the room?
Along the concert hall there are ventilation systems.


Parking for the bus?
On request.

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