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Polovtsov Palace

Polovtsov Palace

Familiarization visit to the Polovtsov’s mansion

We invite you to visit the mansion, which has preserved its original interiors created by the architects M.E. Mesmaherom, N.F. Briullo and G.A. Bosse in the second half of the XIX century. An ancient historical building that served in the XIX century as the residence of Alexander Polovtsov, Secretary of State Alexander III. You will get acquainted with the rich history of the mansion, which stores the names not only of its creators, but also of the South American revolutionary Francisco Miranda, the Count d'Artois (French King Carlos X), Catherine Dashkova. The history of the hostess - Nadezhda Mihailovna Polovtsova, the adoptive daughter of the court banker Stieglitz - will also be interesting.

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