Polovtsov Mansion or House of Architects in St. Petersburg

Polovtsov Palace

Polovtsov Mansion or House of Architects in St. Petersburg

This amazing mansion is a unique monument of Russian architecture. There were many important events that have special significance not only for Russian but also for world culture. Such extraordinary personalities as F. Miranda, Golovkin, A. Polovtsov lived in the mansion at different times.

The family of A. Polovtsov bought the mansion and they started the reconstruction of the building. There were some certain changes in the interior. These changes gave a touch of sophistication to the ensemble as a whole. The Bronze Hall became a unique example of eclectic style. It is famous for the rich decorations and exceptional design of the space.

The architect had to work for four years to create the design of the Oak living room. He used oak panels that were brought from Italy for decoration of the room. The fireplace in this living room was made of several types of precious marble.
Currently, the mansion is named after A. Polovtsov. Thanks to him, the interior of the building has become unique and more exquisite. In the thirties of the 19th century, the Trade Union School was moved here. House of Architects is the next name of the Polovtsov mansion, because a branch of the Union of architects of the country moved here in 1934.
Today, every connoisseur of art can enjoy the sounds of classical music and listen to music concert in Polovtsov Palace.
We invite you to experience the atmosphere of the dinner receptions of XIX-XX centuries and plunge into the wonderful sounds of chamber music.
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How to get to the Palace?

Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya street, house 52.

By public transport: Metro station Admiralteiskaya. When you exit the subway, turn right in the direction of Bolshaya Morskaya Street and walk to the first roundabout and turn right there. Move in the direction of St. Isaac’s Cathedral – you will pass it on your right side, continue walking straight, follow Bolshaya Morskaya Street to house number 52. Welcome!

Air conditioning in the room?

Along the concert hall there are ventilation systems.



Parking for the bus?

On request.

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