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Rarely performed works for symphony orchestras


Chamber music enjoyed special popularity up to the 19th century. Many great composers wrote music for the chamber orchestra. Today, some orchestras in St. Petersburg can recreate the most rarely performed compositions.

Composers who were forgotten

Often talented people and their work do not pass the test of time, their compositions are practically not played. It happened with Bach’s music before its resurrection by Mendelssohn, so was with Schubert and many other composers. But the fact music is not performed doesn’t always mean it is poorly made, but because people are not ready yet to perceive it and appreciate it. The list of composers that are not usually performed includes:

-Salieri Antonio was extremely famous, he wrote excellent compositions for chamber orchestra, but he was forgotten, since it is believed that he killed Amadeus Mozart. Despite that curse it is obvious that his works are truly beautiful and amazing.

-Caesar Cui is very little performed, although he created excellent compositions for the chamber orchestra.

-The works of a modern group of composers called Les Six isn’t popular in Russia, though they are famous abroad. An innovative language can be understood only by real connoisseurs of modern music.

Our company specializes in organizing chamber concerts of classical music in St. Petersburg. Performances of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg will give an unforgettable impression of listening to popular as well as less-known works of famous composers. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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