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Russian classical music


At the moment, Russian classical music is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the whole world. Brilliant Russian composers presented our world thousands of incredible masterpieces. They managed to combine folklore Russian song with classical European compositional forms.

Development of the history of Russian music

The history of Russian music begins with the birth of our culture. Even in Ancient Rus, people could sing a polyphony of ten or more voices. Nevertheless, the classical school of music appeared only in the 19th century. Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka  can be rightfully considered as The first Russian classic. His predecessors were the following composers: Bortniansky, Berezovsky, Titov and Kozlovsky and others.

After the appearance of the opera «Ivan Susanin», a national Russian composer school began to emerge, giving a rise to the development of a monumental cultural foundation.

In the second half of the 19th century, the “Mighty Handful” was formed – a community of Russian composers led by Mily Balakiriev. The world learned new Russian names, such as Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin and Cui. In many respects, they were helped by the famous critic and publicist – Vladimir Vladimirovoch Stasov.

The opening of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatory by the brothers Anton and Nikolai Rubinshtein prompted the emergence of new talents such as Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev and Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin.

In the following 20th century Russia will be proud of such great composers as Sviridov, Khachaturian, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Shchedrin.

Now classical music in Russia continues to develop actively and present us new masterpieces that will also take a place in the history of the nation.

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