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The history of classical music


Classical music is a special direction, created in the best traditions of rhythm and harmony of European composers. This direction of music is created to evoke pure emotions and feelings.

Speaking of history, until the 19th century classical music was created for wealthy and educated people, who could appreciate it. In the 20th century the situation radically changed, the broadest masses of the population began to strive for enlightenment. Classical works have become ubiquitous and have ceased to be a characteristic feature of high society, almost everyone could afford to listen to beautiful music. But far from all have sought this, because to understand the classics, to see its beauty and unusualness is not given to everyone.

Expression of soul

Many consider classical music an expression of the emotional and spiritual development of the personality. This is the true path of self-expression, development of hidden qualities and abilities, even opportunities. Today, pop music is very popular among people of different ages, which can not be said about the classics.

Now the classics is a real treasure chest, which collected the best musical creations of all time by the grains. The history of the classics is a reflection of the history of the development of all mankind, which has come to perfect, melodic, unique classical music from primitive motifs of antiquity and tunes.


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