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Traditions of classical music


Nowadays by classical compositions  we mean music that meets certain characteristics and the highest artistic requirements. Although in fact «classical» means music that corresponds to a certain period of time.

However, a very interesting issue is the tradition of classical music. It is generally believed that beautiful music, like outstanding works of art (painting, sculpture, luxury goods) was originally created for the churches where it was listened to during the divine worships. For a long time classical music was used exclusively as accompaniment for church services and ceremonies. Beethoven himself played his own creations at the dawn of his career for ordinary peasants and workers – parishioners of churches. Traditions of classical music adopted the culture and color of the church service in many ways.

Music for High Society

The classics had separated from the church later and the inextricable link between them was broken. Then the classical works began to focus on the elite. This group of people  were educated, intelligent ones, who aspired to art and beauty. They could appreciate all the charms and raisins of the classics, its rhythmic overflows and laconic elements.

Until now, it was commonly believed that classical music is an attribute of the representatives of high society. The traditions of classical music fully correspond to the way of their life and values.

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