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Who has written music for chamber orchestras


Chamber music is a music that is performed by a small musical group. From the XVI to the XVII century, this music was almost the only type of secular music, it was opposed to church works. Initially, chamber music was performed at home in secured homes. Today, everyone can enjoy the sound of a symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg in the halls of monumental palaces.

Composers who created chamber music

History stores the names of many composers, whose work was mainly occupied by chamber music. The most striking and outstanding are the following writers:

-Handel Georg. The great composer of the Baroque era was actively writing for secular society. The most famous compositions can be called “Music for Fireworks” and “Music on the Water.”

-Haydn Josef. The position of Joseph Haydn meant writing a large amount of secular and chamber music. Famous trios and quartets are actively performed today on the world’s leading stages, symphony orchestras in St. Petersburg can also perform the chamber-instrumental repertoire of this composer.

-Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart actively composed in the direction of chamber music. His breathtaking melodies are recognized throughout the world and are the standard of secular music of that era.

One of the biggest strata in the composition of chamber music is the music of the Romantics. The excellent music series by Schubert, Schumann, Chopin and Liszt are filled with profound meaning.

The ease of the string quartets Debussy makes a person literally soar in the air.

To date, many composers are also actively writing in this direction, so you can listen not only to some classical and romantic works, but also modern ones, played in contemporary genre. Our company specializes in organizing chamber concerts of classical music in St. Petersburg. Performances of the symphony orchestra in St. Petersburg will give an unforgettable impression of listening to popular as well as less-known works of famous composers. For more information, please contact us via phone or by email.

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